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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When I met who is now my wife I was a little more than an alligator. I imagine that you should already be laughing. Yes, an alligator, because I had dry, flaky skin. One day in private, she came to spend its nail into it. She startled horrify. The skin peeled leaving a whitish mark on the arm.

She asked me: Have you ever used cream to moisturize? What, me? A man who respects himself do not use skin creams. That’s a woman thing. I have never used or will use creams on my skin.

She, who like all women, that have an innate ability to handle men, told me. Why after you shower you get those skin itches so strong? I have seen you spend half an hour scratching like you're a mutt. Have you thought for that matter?

God, thank God I do not believe in God. You are really here. That night after taking a bath was especially unbearable itching. It lasted more than the fifteen or twenty minutes that were usual. Especially in the back and legs. It was terrible and I felt that the more I scratched the more skin itches. Finally tired and stop scratching I fell asleep. Not without thinking ... tomorrow I will take seriously the recommendations who at that time was my girlfriend.

Next morning I told her about my bad shower experience and asked her to forget what I had said about never using a cream on skin and asking her about their recommendations I was ready to listen. She explained me that the skin is the skin, no matter whether you are a japanese lady or a tough pirate in the Caribbean. And skin needs care as needs our body in general, an issue that men tend to dismiss with our usual maleness.

Well, I started using moisturizer all over the body after bathing. At first it felt strange and a bit silly. I even hid the cream from eyes of my mother and brothers. My mother did not say anything but of my brothers I did not expect less than derisions.

At first I didn't feel relief from itching. After bathing stung like always even though I was using the cream twice a day, after finishing my shower before going to work and at night when I had a shower before bed.

Notwithstanding that relief was not immediately my girlfriend insisted in maintaining treatment and being persistent, because gradually the skin will go hydrating and I will feel relieve of itching and feeling skin more smooth and lush. Oh, my God, I'm speaking as one of those beauty directors of dubious sexuality. Something not questionable, in fact they are clear about their sexuality and I am very respectful of that. We, the men, do not understand easily sexual diversity in something as complex as a human being.

And it worked dear lector. Little by little the skin was better and felt more fresh and hydrated. The itching was disappearing and today I could not live without using moisturizer after bathing. Then I expanded my use a moisturizer to my face after shaving.

I recommend you try. You will feel much better even if the itch has never been a problem for you. And put aside the nonsense that men must not allow cares with our own body. Below some interesting links from recognized stores.