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Monday, June 23, 2014

Every time I remember my visit to Le Moulin Rouge, I laugh remembering good times my wife and I had, not at this cabaret, which indeed was special, but all the adventures that we lived to finally see the show.

It always seemed expensive. My wife wanted to buy tickets online even long before being in Paris and I, refractory to the idea because it seemed expensive, postponed the final decision until at least being in Paris.

Being already in Paris, I finally gave in and we went to Clichy to try to see the show. It was impossible. The long line stretched several hundred feet. Talking to one of the watchers he told us to make our reservations online and go back with voucher printed from the system.

We tried to make reservations but there was no room, at least for the time that we would be in Paris. When it comes to Paris, never and nowhere is too early to book. Everything, absolutely everything, you need to make reservations well in advance, but especially for accommodation, tours and shows.

Because we thought visiting Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Berlin, Pisa, Florence, Venice and Rome (our trips are always like a marathon) and back again to spend a few days in Paris (we adore this city), we were able to book for return.

The expected day my wife was elegant. We had planned to go in metro. We took the metro a rainy nightfall of October. And there the fun began. There were not places but a drunkard that could barely stand, stood up and immediately gave his place to my wife doing countless obeisances. I imagine that in his drunkenness he thought had entered the metro the very queen of Java. I could not help laughing. The man, being so drunk, could not stop looking at my wife making a thousand grimaces and muttering unintelligible phrases in French.

We arrived at the site and as the guard had said we jump the queue with the booking voucher. Once inside we were located in a shared table with an older Canadian couple and two asian girls traveling alone. We were six in total. Take note, like most things in Europe, tables at Le Moulin Rouge are shared, so if you are planning a romantic evening with a girlfriend to surprise her, or even your wife, forget it, unless you were a group probably you will have to share table with strangers.

But this is not always bad. It is possibly that make the night unforgettable, as it happened to us. To begin, each person received half a bottle of champagne. My wife decided she would not open her and would share mine. The asian girls opened their bottles and started drinking right away, maybe a little faster because show had not yet begun. One of them particularly fast. Canadian wife was furious. We did not quite understand what was happening but she discussed incessantly with her husband and he looked really uncomfortable. This guy, sooner than later, will begin searching to change the cow, I thought.

Showtime. Wonderful. Many people on stage, lots of color, evocative music, beautiful women, wao, so beautiful, beautiful legs, synchronized dance. The quality of the show justified the cost of entry. Have a taste and enjoy.

Asian girls drinking, Canadians discussing. Girls chattering, one claimed the other she was drinking very quickly. They finished the first bottle, began to argue for the latter. They spoke in an asian language and we did not understand. But it was clear they were arguing for the blessed bottle. I told my wife. Do not worry, there is nothing to fear, they argue by a bottle that is half full. When they begin to discuss for an empty bottle it will be the time to go.

In the meantime Canadian dispatched his half bottle. Almost simultaneously the girls dispatched the second one. We were happy, we laughed. Alcohol, my dear friend, how you demolish preventions. My wife broke the ice of the Canadian wife talking about things from home. The husband laughed with girls. Suddenly the three stared at the bottle of Canadian wife. She rolled her eyes but then relented, she was happy with my wife. When bottle was over my wife finally deal with her encouraging and sharing the last bottle. Immediately countries agreed and we opened and drank the last bottle. One of the girls was completely drunk. She went sideways and leaned on the shoulder of the Canadian. The wife hit him with her elbow.

Finish the show. We began to separate. But the drunken girl went her left side and fell to the ground as long as she was, that was not much either. Two paramedics showed up really fast. They attended. People retreated but we stayed accompanying our unfortunate companion until she felt better. Le Moulin Rouge's staff behaved very attentive. They asked for taxis. Finally we embraced the six together and left the cabaret singing the Marseillaise. It was incredible. Wao, we were so happy, even the cow!

Go, do not stop and think too much. With an open mind. With the idea of meeting people, sharing and enjoying it. Enjoy this life that is one and only one. Good luck and good riddance.

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