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Sunday, June 29, 2014

We can't wait links!

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It all started with my wife. When not? A friend of us told: if you go to Belgium have a beer for me in Bruges. Bruges? Yes, Bruges, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

And we did it. Visit Belgium and had four days in Brussels. Then we went to Bruges. God, how did these people to keep this city protected from natural demolition of the progress? What city to be so beautiful. Looks like you suddenly travel in a time machine to one of those places with fairy princesses, princes and knights.

Bruges, Belgium (Brugge in Flemish, Bruges in French) is the capital of the province of West Flanders, located in the northwest corner of Belgium, 90 kilometers from the capital, Brussels, has in its urban core a population of 117,000 inhabitants.

Its name comes from Old Norse "Bryggia" (bridges, docks, piers). Interestingly, in the Flemish/Dutch language "Brug" means "bridge", and this city holds as name the plural word due to the large number of bridges that exist in it.

The major attraction of Bruges is the historic center, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2000. Although much has been rebuilt, its urban center is one of the largest European appealing because it keeps intact the medieval architectural structures. Bruges is known as "the Venice of the North" because of the many canals running through the city and the beauty of them.

You can go in many ways. You can go to Brussels by train from Paris, visit Brussels and then take a day to go to Bruges. Or even directly from Paris, Viator has a round trip tour at a reasonable cost.

When you be in Bruges, sit in an armchairs in one of those breweries in the Market Square and have a beer. Offer for you, arrange with your partner to be happy and if you do not forget this read also offer for me. Spend time looking at the people go and come, relaxed, forget everything starting with your job and your boss and send him to hell, enjoying an unforgettable day in Bruges.

The town is small. You can walk all in a day. Or if you want to fall in love again with your couple and decide to spend the night, make a reservation in advance at any of their hotels. will help you in this selection. There are 356 hotels to choose from. My wife and I went in the morning and returned at night. But next time we will go to stay one night in the city.

And try the chocolates. No matter what you put fat. Life is one and only one and going off the diet one day being sweet with chocolates will not embittering the lives of anyone.

Walk, walk and enjoy the town. Embrace your couple and have a fantastic time together. Kiss her/him. A deep and long kiss. And you will be happy again.

And finally let's do a virtual stroll to explore the city of dreams where I'm inviting. Just to convince you. Thanks to Google.

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