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Friday, May 30, 2014

Looking for a France Tour while searching on Internet I came across Viator. After reviewing its website I was really impressed. This amazing company could offer a tour in hundreds of cities around the world. Upon entering the portal it was enough to indicate the country and the city or town where you thought to go and there appeared several options to select. Researching I discovered they offered about 9000 featuring tours or attractions in 400 destinations worldwide.

One of the most discussed and beaten issue in the wonderful world of travel has been the most convenient way to travel. We must put ourselves in the hands of a tourism company and that this will be responsible for preparing all the details of the trip or should we be more aggressive, adventurous and prepare ourselves our adventure. I have traveled both ways and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The main problem of traveling through travel agencies is that the trip becomes something like a pill. There are no half measures. Either you take it or you do not take it at all. And once you commit you stay attached to them and may, depending on the quality and care that the company puts on its customers, that the trip becomes a disaster and the terrible nightmares that we live on our first visit, our first tour, will be repeated in the same way the rest of the trip, without having the ability to get out, or at least to expect that next tour will be better.

Ruminating on the subject arises then a compromise. If we do not put ourselves in the hands of a third party we have the ability to adjust the trip to our advantage as it occurs, reducing the likelihood the trip becoming an eternal source of complaints, rather than an eternal reason to remember.

But it is not possible to land in a city that we do not know and where probably we do not even speak the language of its inhabitants, without having a plan in hand, something that allows us to maximize the time and avoiding us to spend long hours looking to or trying to investigate what are the best of our options.

Then the output that offers Viator is very interesting. We plan our trip ourselves. We decide the airline where we want to travel, the hotel , apartment, apartohotel or location where we are going to stay. We make a plan to move from the airport or port of arrival to the location where we will stay overnight. This way we have the freedom to adjust our itinerary depending on how the trip goes on and how is our experience in the course of it.

But once in the city or town of destination we can use Viator tours that seem most appropriate or most suited to our taste or what we like. That way if things do not go well in a tour, that does not mean they will go bad in the rest of the tours.

A tour company should not be easy to manage because in most cases it is not possible to think that they will have personnel in many places in the world . They have to establish partnerships with small groups of young people, usually students, who rounded their lifestyle providing service tours to tourists in the city where they live.

It seems that in managing these alliances Viator has shown more than capacity. They have assembled a network of partners around the world who are properly trained and know how to treat tourists and make them feel well. One should not think that these small groups of young entrepreneurs would be bad partners when providing a service.

I remember with great sympathy that my wife and I went to Berlin, without a prior plan, and in Alexanderplatz we contacted a group of guys offering city tours in different languages. We took one called Visit to Berlin's Neighborhoods and it was a success, and the guy who led us through a journey on foot of more than six hours in Berlin, made feel us unforgettable moments.

Viator strengthens this effort in an organization that pre-selects the quality of the tours, and allows us to make our reservations through its website, guaranteeing that the service will be given and that in the worst case, if for any reason the tour is undermined, we can recover our money.

It's not that things can not go wrong . Of course they could go wrong because no one is infallible and the best hunter lost the hare. But the excellent work done by Viator minimizes the risk, so that the average scores of their tours are always above the four stars, which is no a small feat for such a complex organization.

Now we have more control over the quality of our trips. We can intervene more directly to them, without necessarily having to hunt us down with a single organization. We can select the airline of our choice and locations to be at our discretion. And use the services of companies like Viator to balance the tours, that make our trip memorable in different cities or towns we will visit. Have a look to this in Paris.

I love Viator's slogan: “Traveling like an insider”. But even better. With a big company, 17 experience years, the world leader. Visit Viator to learn more.

Regards and happy traveling.

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