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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

One in life can be or do whatever but elegantly. Being a bumpkin does not go with my nature. First of all because we must be good citizens and good citizenship is the essential germ that characterizes the elegant person. Have you seen or know someone who in its overwhelming humanity's role be elegant being at same time a bad citizen? Impossible. The bad citizen is in its very essence a bumpkin.

And to be elegant is it necessary to be beauty? No, not at all. Many beauty people are as far as can be called elegant. Neither it is a problem of dressing very expensive or dress designer clothes. I know many corrupt and newly rich who waste a lot of money but they will immediately show you the ilk they are and their lack of elegance and good liking. Bumpkins that a fluke put them in a situation they have not even learned how to carry with dignity.

Being stylish is a way of life. You can be humble but you can not be simultaneously a bumpkin. Many humble people I know have made a major effort to differentiate and are the most stylish and have a dignity that many wealthy would like to have or at least demonstrate in their daily actions.

Think about. Humble and bumpkin? No, please, my God, not at all. It can not be. It can not be because God does not punish twice and although doing so, is on you not to allow apply you such double punishment. It's like being ugly. Ugly and bumpkin? No, never, not at all, neither. Ugly but stylish, elegant, chic. Is that up to get drunk you must be elegant.

There are many examples of ugly people that with elegance have managed bad circumstances that life always has for us. An example is now better than hand in glove. Vincent Cassel. Can be considered Vincent Cassel beauty, someone like Brat Pitt or George Clooney?

No, of course not. But know one thing. This guy has to be an elegant guy. Because to marry a woman like Monica Bellucci you can not be a bumpkin. Have you seen before Monica Bellucci? Run, run , they run out... I am fascinated with women and even uglier being well set are provocative. But Monica. Wao, that's not a woman, that's rude, one of those females who can upend any man and more if he is old. Meet her. Here is a scene from one of their films.

And people say that finally she puts the horns to Vincent. And who cares? Vincent had already licked the ice cream and a female as Monica is forgiven anything. As the song of Charles Aznavour, another ugly and elegant guy. Remember the lyrics... Voilà que tu reviens, Sans une explication, Après deux mois d'absence... When she returns you must say: How are you? Are you hungry? Do I prepare you something to eat? Ah, that song… the always enamored and dominated man.

Elegance nor does it have to do with race. No, in any way. Is there anything more elegant than the Obama couple? Not at all. They look like two dolls chocolate cake that are the tastiest.

An old friend of mine told me that never, never in his life, he had slept with an ugly woman. But he had raised with many horribles. But, man, please, you have lost your elegance. We all know what will be the next drink that will make us lose our composure. Time to go, running, before that drink.

As another friend of mine who I invited to a disco on a blind date. He had to dance with the ugliest. It had not been an hour (it was too much, really) when he told me: please, brother, have to help pay the bill, but I'm going, I do appreciate myself. Just right. Because to start being elegant you have to start by appreciating, loving, pampering yourself. But above all things never losing elegance.

So dear lector it's immediately necessary to learn the rules of elegance. Follow examples set by Carolina Herrera and his distinguished bearing. Search, read, compare, train and engage in apart from the rest, because it is true that all men are equal but some are more equal than others, or as Simon Bolivar, Liberator of South America said: democracy in intellect and aristocracy in the heart.